360-degree ERP upgrade checkpoint

Have you considered the impact?

ERP upgrades are often seen as a long, arduous process. By definition, upgrading your organisation’s ERP system affects your whole organisation – from business processes, databases, information management, application code and integration to infrastructure, and most importantly a wide group of IT professionals and business users. The risk for system failure, lost time, extra cost and failure to deliver the expected benefits is abundant during the process.

Generally speaking, ERP upgrading-projects always face the challenges of taking two contradicting viewpoints into account – the business view on the one side and the IT outlook on the other. This divergence is not only hugely frustrating but also extremely counter-productive with missed opportunities to drive revenues, grow market shares and increase speed of business as a result.

Learn from our 360-degree checkpoint

Based on our long-term experience and empirical-based knowledge, we have developed a 360-degree upgrade checkpoint that guides you through the critical keys to drive a successful and business-driven ERP-upgrade. By answering a few questions you will receive a comparative analysis of the most important factors related to a successful ERP upgrade-project in comparison to best practice.

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