Quorum’s approach to customers and colleagues is based on three fundamental values: humility, integrity and effort.


As consultants, we are not smarter or better than our customers. Our professionalism is based on a methodology and our experience in analyzing, planning and implementing changes – a professional expertise that supplements our customers’ knowledge and experience in their own specific organization and business area.

Therefore, we take a humble approach to both our work and relationships – our expertise may be content-related in some projects but process-related in others. Finding the best solutions for the real-life operational context of a given project ultimately depends on our close collaboration with the customer. This requires an intuitive grasp of organizational issues and the ability to listen. We call this humility.


Our business hinges on providing high-value services to our customers, and as consultants, we are never better than our most recently completed assignment. Therefore, we put in a strong effort every single day, both towards our customers and colleagues. If there is some little alarm bell going off in the back of our heads that we might be able to improve the quality of our work or if we get the impression that a key stakeholder needs attention or that an analysis could be a little sharper, then we take steps to address the matter. After all, if these little alarm bells are ringing for us, it is likely the customer hears them too.

Internally, we make every effort to involve the colleagues who have in-depth knowledge or insight into the specific areas or issues we are working with. We are there for each other and provide crucial support during peak periods of demand. We also make every effort to create and maintain an exciting, developing and rewarding professional life for everyone in the Quorum family – in everything from both small and large customers projects to the shared social events.


Integrity is a core value at Quorum. This certainly also applies to customer commitments, where we are very focused on preserving our integrity as a professional business partner customers can depend on. This means that we put customer needs first and that our advice may simply be that in some contexts it is not relevant to use Quorum’s expertise.

Internally, integrity means that we do our best to ensure fairness and transparency. We take care of our people and we do our best to ensure that they have the best possible conditions for providing value to our customers and having a gratifying and meaningful working life and being able to grow both professionally and personally.