Strategic priority & operationalisation

A strategy only begins creating real value once the results it produces reach the end user. The process begins by breaking the strategy’s overall objectives and initiatives into programs, projects and activities. Quorum helps to identify and describe these on the basis of an understanding of the strategy’s purpose and ensuring governance, defining the company’s or team’s responsibilities and addressing capacity and organizational issues. We create a structure and overview of the activities that are directly linked to the overall strategy. Once the specific activities have been identified, priority is established by mapping the activities based on what creates the most value for the business and what resources are needed to reach the goals. This ensures that we have the best basis for creating the most value for the business and achieving a return that justifies the investment.

Selected cases within strategic priority & operationalisation


GEA Farm Technologies | Program for “Must-win battles”

Quorum helped GEA Farm Technologies execute one of their most important strategic projects 


Simpson StrongTie | Business case for strategic decision

Simpson StrongTie received a strong knowledge base for a decision regarding the relocation of their factory 


Project- and portfolio management for large hospital

Quorum helped a large hospital better operationalize their strategy through more efficient project- and portfolio management