Digitalization & data-driven change

A lot of changes in companies and organizations are based on increasing digitalization and the desire to be more data-driven. As a manager or specialist, it can be hard to have to navigate through a complex reality.

At Quorum, we help you make and implement effective decisions for your business. For example, this may be via an overall digitalization strategy involving in the selection and integration of solutions into the business or maturation of existing data management processes within the organization.

Selected cases within digitalization & data-driven change

Berendsen | Digital strategy and roadmap

Berendsen got a clear plan and roadmap for their new Group IT function.


Elkjøp | Implementation and realization of better workforce management

Quorum helpted Elgiganten implement a workforce management system across their 4 Nordic countries 


Biotech company | Selection of CRM solution

A biotech firm got help choosing and implementing a solution for better customer dialogue and engamgement. The choice was between Salesforce and Microsoft.