Selection of IOT-solution for a cleaning company


The company offers cleaning services to private and public companies. For a long time, the company had received inquiries from existing and potential customers, who would like the cleaning of their facilities to be conducted based on the actual need for cleaning rather than a set cleaning schedule. At the same time, the company experienced that technological solutions were becoming an even more important criteria for public tenders.

Hence, the company wanted to analyze the market for IOT solutions within the cleaning market. Specifically, they wanted to get an overview of the possible solutions available on the market as well as assistance with choosing the right solution for their needs.


Quorum helped the company formulate the right criteria for choosing a solution. Next, Quorum analyzed which IOT-solutions were available for the cleaning market, which vendors were on the market and which investment and operating costs would be associated with the different options.

Quorum presented the market analysis to the company, who, based on that, chose two possible vendors, who presented their solutions to the company and Quorum.

Based on Quorum’s advice, the company chose to move forward with one of the vendors in a pilot project in order to test the solution, and to provide their current and potential customers with a demo of the solution.


As a result of the project, the company got an overview of the market for IOT solutions and has been able to choose the right vendor for their needs.

The company is now conducting the pilot project, where the IOT solution is being fully tested.