"Quorum had a head start with great insight into [The Biotech Company] and our challenges. With their fine method, plan and the extra hands, they helped us reach a decision within the agreed upon time and budget"

Project Manager, Digital Transformation, The Biotech Company

Selecting and preparing for CRM

The company of the case is anonymous at the request of the company

The story behind

The Biotech Company wished to strengthen and intensify customer and business partner relationships through increased digitalization of the customer experience, marketing, sales, and service. In this connection, The Biotech Company wanted to replace its existing CRM-platform with a future-proof platform instead.

The Biotech Company had already begun talks with Microsoft and Salesforce and wanted to offer both companies a fair chance in the bidding process.

Quorum assisted The Biotech Company in planning and executing the selection of software and partner such that The Biotech Company’s wish for a fast and qualified choice was met.

Our approach

Quorum’s well-proven approach of selecting software and partner was tailored to the needs of The Biotech Company, and based on the preferred software, a quick scan of the market in search of potential implementation partners was conducted.

Concurrently, The Biotech Company’s business, IT, and commercial demands were defined in cooperation with all parts of the business and IT.

The subsequent process included, among other things, inspiration meetings, RFP-material, demo meetings and evaluation. Overall, the purpose was to demonstrate both the software and the partner’s ability to fulfil The Biotech Company’s requirements for solution, implementation, and long-term partnership. 

Part of the approach was a close cooperation with all areas of The Biotech Company’sbusiness to ensure ownership of the final decision.

Simultaneously with the selection process, sparring sessions on organizational impact, preparation of the project organization and, later, the permanent organization were completed.  

The result

Within the agreed upon time and budget, The Biotech Company chose a supplier of a CRM-solution and an implementation partner which matched the company’s needs.

The Biotech Company had, with the help of Quorum and within a short amount of time clarified, defined and adapted the business requirements for solution and implementation across the business areas, together with essential business and IT prerequisites for execution of the implementation.

The process gave The Biotech Companya strong position in the negotiation process, which led to a notable reduction in the final license and implementation price, where 30-40% was ascribed to Quorum’s work.

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