Sales strategy development


Against the background of BREXIT and the new quotas, the Danish market for fishing vessels has experienced a major downturn, so additional sales to export markets have been crucial. The economic and political influences made Bredgaard Boats request a new sales strategy to set the direction for optimizing and executing new promotional initiatives aimed at the Nordic and North Atlantic countries. In addition, Bredgaard Boats wanted a consultant that could bring commercial expertise and provide management feedback.



Based on internal discussions and workshops with Bredgaard Boats, Quorum worked with management to develop strategic actions based on verified market analyses, strategy tools and implementation models.

The following tools were used in the process;

  • The Lighthouse Model
  • Must Win Battles (MWB)
  • Ambition meetings
  • Pipeline management

Throughout the process, Quorum provided Bredgaard Boats with continuous feedback and coaching regarding the promotional activities and the systematization of the sales work, so Quorum acted at the strategic, tactical and operational levels.



Overall, Bredgaard established a sales strategy that focuses on what is needed to grow further in the Nordic and North Atlantic markets. As a side benefit, Bredgaard Boats implemented a clear internal division of responsibilities, which now contributes to less wasted time and general work optimization throughout the organization.

In addition, a robust pipeline was established, which is a clear result of the systematization of sales work. As a result, the weighted pipeline value doubled over the six months of collaboration.

Bredgaard Boats and Quorum continue the good and rewarding collaboration, where both parties have met the high expectations.