”Quorum contributed with resources, tools, facilitation and challenge/pressure testing, which within a short amount of time enabled the management to establish a mutual, well-founded plan for the company’s further turn-around and development. As a result of the positive experiences with the cooperation, Quorum has subsequently also been employed on ad hoc basis.”

Per Lauritsen CEO, GEA Farm Technologies Mullerup

Program design – Must Win Battles at GEA FT


In the wake of the financial crisis and a period with inadequate focus on sales management and utilization of new international sales channels, GEA Farm Technologies Mullerup needed to focus on the company’s efforts to create a stable financial environment situation.


Based on initial discussions and workshops with GEA FT M’s management, Quorum supported the management in verifying its analysis and formulation of a number of initiatives, that would collectively ensure the necessary profitability and realize the company’s potential. The support included:

  • Assessment of the company’s order position.
  • Market development model for Intercompany sales and support for estimation of sales forecast.
  • Execution of workshops for verification of target areas, prioritization, resource requirement, and effects.
  • Setting up Must Win projects within e.g.: Intercompany Go-To market, update of technical material and training, reduction of costs for sourcing of equipment, optimization of processes for handling spare parts and development of retail network in the Nordics.
  • Consequences of implementation of SAP concurrently with the execution of must-win projects.

Aside from a project mandate for the individual initiatives, Quorum also supported the preparation of a collected Business Case including cash-flow consideration for the whole program and its expected effects.


Based on the prepared business case, GEA FT M mobilized the most important resources and began executing the Must Win projects.

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