“Each of the workshops, as they were so well-prepared with no idle time, moved the management team several months forward per workshop.”

Jacob Hyllested-Winge, Vice President

Leadership development at Novo Nordisk


Merger of two departments with distinct cultures and ways of working.
The client wished to build the foundation for one successful department and to establish a strong management team with a shared identity, hence provide development for the management team, both as individuals and as a team.


As successful change starts with a strong and united management team, Quorum together with FK Select designed and facilitated a process for both the joint management and the individual management development with the purpose of:

  • Establishing a shared purpose
  • Ensuring shared expectations and mutual respect
  • Helping to ensure personal development
  • Developing a joint identity and language
  • Providing clear roles, responsibilities and ways of working
  • Enhancing consistency in ways of leading
  • FK Select led the individual development, while Quorum led the team development and was overall responsible for the delivery.


Effective leadership of the merger, as the leaders stood as one united management team with a shared understanding and view of change and success.

Tailored development of the individual directors, promoting their shared success as a leadership team by building on individual strengths.
Use of well-planned and executive workshops to move the leadership team fast forward, whilst limiting time spend.

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