"The collaboration with Quorum ensured a strong focus on employees all the way through the project. The result was, despite major changes for the employees, that we had a smooth implementation to the new CRM system."

Jonas Kjær, Customer Experience Manager, Danske Spil

Implementation of CRM by involvement and communication

The story behind

Danske Spil’s customer service aims to offer their customers the best experience in the market. The transformation from handling customer inquiries partly manually to the implementation of a new CRM system was a major change, which required an overview of processes, and where the employees’ motivation and involvement were crucial to the implementation’s success.


Quorum Consulting helped Danske Spil uncover employee expectations as well as to prepare a plan for involvement, training, and communication throughout the process. In terms of method, the employees were involved from design and Q&A. This meant that testing and training were combined such that new workflows and processes were largely in place before the system went live.


The result was that customer service maintained its same high level of quality during the transition phase from old workflows to the new system. The employees were actively involved both before the system went live and in the daily operations, and they are today engaged in the use of data both in relation to the development of customer service and in relation to delivering knowledge and data to the rest of the house.

Update (May 2020): increased customer satisfaction

After implementing the CRM system successfully, customer satisfaction has increased by 18,4% and is today at a level where 90% of Danske Spil’s customers report that they are satisfied with the customer service.

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