“With Quorum as part of this project, we experienced a partner that showed high engagement, motivation and work effort in order to deliver the project within the agreed timeframe. Quorum also showed adaptation and understanding of our organisational structure”

Morten K. Schwartzmann, Nordic Productivity Manager

Full adoption of Workforce Management

The story behind

Elkjøp had recently selected their new workforce management system as their platform to plan and optimize staffing of 10.000 employees in 250 stores across the four Nordic countries. The ambition for the implementation was to execute the best project ever in the organization, hence Elkjøp reached out to Quorum for assistance in project and change management.

Our Approach

During the implementation, Quorum acted as a trusted advisor for Elkjøp and was an essential part of the steering committee and the project management throughout the project.

Additionally, Quorum advised and educated Elkjøp on the business and behavioral design to ensure that the new system delivered the expected change in the organization.

Finally, Quorum took the business lead on the IT integrations with both internal and external parties to ensure quality in the solution and timely delivery, adjusted to other projects dependencies.

The result

Within the agreed timeframe, quality and budget, Quorum ensured the delivery of the project to the end users’ and senior stakeholders’ highest level of satisfaction.

Elkjøp’s workforce management solution was adopted by the 250 stores and appreciated by 10.000 employees with a minimum of resistance and high satisfaction.

Anticipated ROI achieved just one year after implementation

Just one year after the implementation, Elkjop have achieved their goal of saving 9 minutes on daily planning for store managers in 3 out of their 4 countries.

About the impact, Morten K. Schwartzmann, Nordic Productivity Manager states: A year after implementation, the targeted benefit of saving 9 minutes on daily planning for managers has been reached in 3 out of 4 countries, making the anticipated ROI set out by the project management”.