"With the implementation of the Live Shopping 1:1 solution as the permanent part of our concept, we have found "the missing link" between our online & physical store channel"

Morten Kirk Schwartzmann, Nordic Productivity Manager, Elkjøp Nordic AS

Formalization of the ‘one-to-one’ live shopping concept


During the Covid-19 pandemic, all of Elkjøp’s stores in Denmark (Elgiganten) and Norway (Elkjøp) were closed down due to restrictions. In order to provide customers with the same personal service and advice, Elkjøp implemented a new concept, ‘one-to-one’ live shopping, where the customer could sit safely at home and be advised about which products to buy. The concept was tested in a few selected department stores. The customers welcomed the concept and, as a result of its success, it was decided to implement it as a permanent part of the store concept. Elkjøp wanted a formalized process with a consistent quality. Quorum was hired to provide input, discussion and support to the project team.


Quorum prepared a data analysis from the initially selected live shopping stores, based on, for example, interviews with live shopping staff and store managers. Quorum supported the project manager in creating a structured and formalized process around the live shopping concept. Quorum prepared the decision basis for the steering group so that the end customers would have the best possible live shopping experience. Quorum became a sounding board and provided input for the design of a total solution. This included physical location, number of employees and the employee recruitment process for live shopping. In addition, Quorum designed the organization of the live shopping concept, including the division of responsibilities and roles for the entire Nordic region, and established a governance structure for the concept.


Elkjøp acquired a structured concept for one-to-one live shopping, which has been implemented and embedded in the organization. In addition, Elkjøp implemented a physical In-store Live Shopping center in the selected stores, which operates with the Live Shopping solution. For the concept, Elkjøp was given a clear division of responsibilities and roles. With their formalized and consistent process for live shopping, Elkjøp has fewer missed calls, has converted an average low online margin to a significantly higher average margin for sales made through Live Shopping and gained the ability to provide better advice and service to their online shopping customers. As a result of the successful project, Elkjøp’s live shopping concept was elected as the most innovative live shopping solution of 2022 by Bambuser.