”Quorum has certainly helped us create momentum in our work to establish a Joint Medical Outpatient Clinic. Their insight into value-based healthcare and their strong competencies in process management has meant that we today at Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital have established a really good solution for a number of patients with complex issues.”

Kirsten Wisborg, Vice President

Establishment of Joint Medical Outpatient Clinic

The story behind

Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospital aims to work value-based and patient-centric. As a part of this work, the hospital has been working on laying the foundation for a Joint Medical Outpatient Clinic for selected patient groups.

The Joint Medical Outpatient Clinic aimed to create greater value for the patients, higher professional quality and a better health outcome. This was to be done by applying a holistic focus on the patient’s situation, rather than organizing the patient’s visit to the hospital around each medical specialty involved. Furthermore, there was a desire to strengthen the hospital’s collaboration with municipalities and general practices. The project allowed the hospital to gain experience with working more across medical specialties and to maintain a clearer focus on what is important to the individual patient.

However, it was difficult to keep the right pace and depth in the project, and it was challenging to think of radical new ways of interacting with the patient in a busy clinical environment.
Quorum was therefore asked to help drive the project forward, anchor it in the involved units and ensure the right focus and progress.

Our approach

Through continuous focus on planning, involvement, facilitation and follow-up, Quorum ensured that the project was organized and anchored appropriately in relation to the involved outpatient clinics, the hospital management and other partners. Process mapping and design ensured that all relevant details regarding workflows, collaborations and prerequisites in the new set-up were analysed and taken care of, and that there was a continuous focus on simplicity and value for the patients.

The result

The Joint Medical Outpatient Clinic and its associated staffing, processes and workflows was ready to receive the first patients on the agreed deadline, and subsequently both patients and health professionals have stated that the new way of working provides a significant quality boost.