“Quorum created value by providing their experience and methodologies. At Børns Vilkår, we might change our WFM system every 8-10 years, but Quorum works with these kinds of projects almost on a daily basis. By bringing in Quorum, we have had a much more managed and controlled process where we have felt in good hands the whole time.”

Thomas Reidar Andersen, Head of IT & Finance

Efficient and thorough selection of a WFM system for volunteer child counsellors


Børns Vilkår needs to attract and retain volunteers for Børnetelefonen (hotline for children). The central solution used to schedule shifts was no longer optimal as demand was increasing. It was therefore decided that it was time to get a new system. Quorum was asked to help with the process due to our good experience and expertise working with WFM systems.


We started by making our methodology and guidance available to internal employees to determine their needs. Subsequently, Quorum took on a more active role in the project, as our knowledge of the WFM market was to ensure an efficient selection process. Several large Danish and international suppliers that met the criteria were invited to take part in the process.

In the first phase, an RFI was sent to all partners and they were invited to inspiration meetings. The second phase consisted of e.g. RFP materials, demo meetings and an evaluation. The overall objective was to demonstrate the solution and the partners’ ability to meet Børns Vilkår’s requirements for the system, implementation and future partnership.

Quorum involved the organization on a broad level, both in the form of user groups for the selection process but also via the steering group in order to create the organizational commitment needed for both the selection process and the subsequent implementation.


Following a thorough process, Børns Vilkår was helped by Quorum to get an overview of the WFM market and became equipped to select the right package and partner.

Børns Vilkår chose a WFM system that was supported by the whole organization and which will ensure the desired renewal.

The managed selection process provided the kind of transparency and overview needed for Børns Vilkår to ensure full support for the final selection.