Acceleration of CRM-implementation

The company of the case is anonymous at the request of the company.

The story behind

The management in The utility company was concerned with the lack of progress in an ongoing implementation of MicroBizz CRM (a customer-, operation-, and maintenance system) and the turmoil it had created among customers, business partners, and internally in the organization.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

Quorum first completed a project review and analyzed the cause for the failure. Following our analysis, we prepared suggestions on how the company could make the system work in the short-run, and for the long-run what was needed to achieve the expected gains. The organizational re-implementation was kickstarted through workshops with the management team, and user tests were conducted to ensure that the system supported the core processes and to validate this to the users.

The result

The utility company had within a few months completed the implementation of the system, turned the organizational resistance into a positive mood, and acknowledged the scope of change following a new IT-system.

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