Strengthening value proposition and approach and for organizational implementation

Background experienced that insufficient focus om organizational implementation among their public sector customers made it difficult to gain the full potential of’s technical solution. has state-of-the-art technical competencies and is with a team of experienced specialists in general medicine strongly staffed in terms of health care professionals.

In order to better help their customers to gain maximum value from’s solutions, wished to strengthen their offer to assist and advice on organizational implementation.


Quorum helped through a focused and accelerated process consisting of two workshops.

The first workshop focused on change management and implementation based on concrete models and Quorum’s experience with organizational implementation in the health care sector in general.

Next, we identified friction and barriers for implementation of’s solutions with a dualistic focus on both the customer’s and’s delivery process. Hereafter we established a heatmap showing the degree of challenges in core areas of an organizational implementation to create a common understanding and foundation for the second workshop.

The second workshop developed a number solutions to overcome the identified barriers as well as concrete proposals for how could strengthen its offer to customers.


After the workshops, had a common and deeper understanding of the most important barriers and associated challenges within organizational implementation of their solution. This new knowledge was effectively linked to the realization of their strategy for increased sales to the municipal market.

In addition to this, got a solution-oriented overview of relevant models and concrete methods to how they could strengthen their offer on organizational implementation.


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