”Quorum Consulting quickly established a good understanding of the organization and, based on this, provided valuable and situational advice as well as assisted with analyzes that have created a solid foundation for new management decisions.”

Lone Holm, Program Manager, SDCC

Program User Engagement

The story behind

Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC) has set itself an ambitious goal of being a world-class user-centric diabetes center. In 2018, management initiated a three-year program – Program User Engagement – to put focus on user engagement in all parts of the organization and expand the use of proven methods to put the patient at the center of everything SDCC does. SDCC asked Quorum to assist with organizing and anchoring the program, as well as ongoing sparring with the program management.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

Quorum advised the program management on designing and managing the program, including formulating goals and strategy in a diverse stakeholder landscape with different starting points for understandings and aspirations of working with systematic user engagement.

Quorum worked closely with the program management and project team, and primarily had a role as a catalyst and sparring partner regarding strategy and methodology as well as stakeholder management.

The result

Program User Engagement succeeded in setting a direction, navigating and creating results in a complex organization with very different attitudes to and experiences with user engagement.

Both organisational and individual user engagement were put on the agenda throughout SDCC and concretely embedded organisationally and procedurally. Moreover, competencies and systems for continuous execution of both organisational and individual user engagement were established.

The program has ensured demand for user engagement throughout the organization and established permanent support functions to ensure continuous support hereof.

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