Quorum came on board at a time when we at ExpreS2ion were undergoing a major transformation of our business model. Their review of the company was conducted professionally, providing a convincing organizational overview to support the top management, strategically and process-wise

Bent U. Frandsen, CEO, ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies

Strategic transformation from service- to pipeline-based biotech company


Following a larger capital raise the company wanted external advisory for their planned transformation from a service-based biotech company, that produces complex proteins for larger biopharma companies, to include its own development pipeline of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer diseases, among others.

Quorum was asked to identify process and competence needs for the planned transformation, where the existing and new business strategy was in balance, and to prepare an action plan for the development of the company’s overall organization.


Based on interviews with key stakeholders in the organization, Quorum developed a process and competency analysis. Iterative deliveries were used for a continuous dialogue with the top management, and the development of an overall transformation action plan.


Quorum delivered a report containing an overview of the company’s process and activities, with an outlay of how the organization with its new strategic focus can look in a 1- respectively a 4-year time horizon.

Based on the report Quorum facilitated a discussion with the board of directors for the further process of the company’s transformation, establishing a common platform and concrete action points for the next steps in the company’s transformation.

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