“With Quorum's assistance, we got a comprehensive, solid digital solution for both the board and administrative level, which has been very efficient and saved a lot of administrative labor costs.”

Lars Wallberg, CEO, Velliv Foreningen

Solid digital process for charity fund work

The story behind

As a newly established charitable organization, the goal for Velliv Foreningen was to have an easy and efficient evaluation and distribution process. Velliv Foreningen wanted to select and implement a solid solution that supports case processing of fund applications in a user-friendly, simple and transparent way.

The focus was to support ‘The good application’ digitally to ensure that the greatest possible number of the received applications fall within the association’s charitable area. Another area of focus was automation, such that as many processes as possible are supported digitally in the case handling.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

Quorum Consulting has contributed throughout the process, from the initial user analysis and definition of selection criteria to the final recommendation of a solution and supplier based on a tender procedure with weighted scores on a number of parameters. At the same time, Quorum has challenged and designed work processes at both the administrative and management level.

The result

Overall, the “greenfield” approach in the design of processes and solutions has made Velliv Foreningen very efficient in all of their fund work.

The solution was chosen based on user experience, flexibility, the possibility of automation, transparency and scaling. Velliv Foreningen will continuously develop the solution as focus areas and target groups change.

In the chosen model, applicants must go through a pre-qualification. This means that an applicant quickly receives a statement as to whether the application falls within the association’s scope. In this way, Velliv Foreningen ensures a high quality of applications, and applicants use their time efficiently because they know that their application is within the scope of Velliv Foreningen’s charitable purpose.

In the case processing, opportunities for built-in scores add value to the Board of Directors’ decision making, whereby the process from application to grant or rejection becomes transparent for each individual application.

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