“Quorum has created a lot of value for ALDI through their ability to quickly understand the organisation and highlight the specific issue that needs to be addressed. The process involving the selection and implementation of a new WFM solution has been in safe hands and the ALDI organisation has been able to focus on its daily operations throughout the period.”

Anders Steengaard Leer, Managing Sales Director

A quick and thorough selection process of a workforce management system


In 2020, Aldi Danmark (Aldi) implemented a new WFM system selected by the German parent company. The implementation and subsequent use of the system did not go as expected. Among other things, the solution was not compatible with the Danish market. Quorum was initially hired to conduct a review of the system. Based on analyses and recommendations, it was decided that Aldi should find a new solution and Quorum was asked to assist with this.


Quorum’s well-tested approach to selecting software packages and partners was adapted to Aldi’s circumstances, and with Quorum’s extensive knowledge of the WFM market, a selection process involving 13 potential suppliers was initiated.

At first an RFI was sent to potential partners and then a number of these were invited to inspiration meetings. The subsequent process involved matters such as defining requirements, RFP materials, demo meetings and evaluations. The overall goal was to demonstrate the ability of the packages and partners to fulfil Aldi’s requirements for the system, the implementation and the partnership itself.

Quorum decided to involve the organisation on a broad level, both involving the many user groups in the requirements specification and selection process but also equally involving the steering group, which consisted of the executive board and senior management group, in creating the organisational engagement for both the selection process and the later implementation process.

The result

Aldi got an accelerated process where within 8 weeks (and within budget) there was created the overview needed to confidently and with insight address the selection of a WFM supplier and partner.

With the backing of the senior management and executive board, Aldi determined the business requirements for the solution and the subsequent implementation across the organisation.

The chosen selection process provided the necessary documentation for the parent company’s management team which ensured full support from all significant stakeholders.

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