"Quorum Consulting delivered a professional support to the selection process and helped ensure that we clarified our needs and strengthened our decision-making process"

Jesper Cassøe VP Human Resources

Selection of HR system

The Story Behind

Ascendis Pharma is currently experiencing strong growth in its employee numbers and expects further growth in the coming years.

Therefore, Ascendis Pharma wanted to find a HR system that, on one hand, covers basic employee information and can be used by all subsidiaries across national borders and, on the other hand, has the ability to support complex HR business processes in the long term.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

Ascendis Pharma had few defined requirements, but primarily they wanted a system that required minimal support.Quorum helped clarify the real business needs and IT requirements, select the right system to support HR processes and choose the right provider.With a structured and thorough approach to choosing the optimal HR system, Ascendis Pharma was managed through the RFI & RFP process, finishing with the choice of both HR system and implementation partner.

During the process, Quorum prepared the overall process design for HR, dressed the management to make an objective choice of system and supported the negotiations with the supplier.

The result

As a result of the process, Ascendis Pharma was able to present a thorough presentation of the prioritised HR processes, choice of HR system and implementation partner.In addition, there is an initiative for what the project will require in terms of internal resources and efforts in Ascendis Pharma, so that internal preparation can be as optimal as possible.

In negotiations with the implementation partner, Ascendis Pharma achieved a significant discount on the original offer, as well as an improved framework for implementation. These benefits were gained because of the insight and project approach that Quorum brought to the table.

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