"Quorum Consulting has run a thorough and professional selection process, on time and at an agreed price. Our management has been very confident in the process and we are able to make a clear decision on the choice of Global Partner to execute our multi-year ERP strategy"

Jacob Steen Due Senior Group Manager, Business Application Development, Milestone Systems

Selection of Global Partner for execution of multi-year ERP strategy

The story behind

In 2018, Milestone Systems has prepared a new ERP strategy and roadmap for the next 3 years. One of the most important strategic activities is to make a global upgrade of their ERP system Navision. Milestone Systems’ strategy is also to have a simple and streamlined system landscape, as well as efficient business processes, and to build up its own competences supplemented by the supplier, who can also act as a sparring partner.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

Milestone Systems wanted to find a global supplier that would be responsible for upgrading Navision on a Global scale. Quorum defined a thorough and structured selection process consisting of the following elements:

  • Selection criteria
  • Thorough market coverage
  • Preparation of RFI & RFP material
  • Conducting inspirational- as well as analysis and design workshops with potential suppliers
  • Recommendation to the steering committee

The result

As a result of the process, the project owner was able to present a well-prepared presentation of the decision, as well as a negotiation proposal with preferred supplier. Quorum ran a very efficient selection process from start to finish in approx. 8 weeks. Milestone Systems has been given input/inspiration on how some of their current challenges could be solved and how the future supplier operate, as well as their approach to problem solving. These benefits are reaped because of Quorum’s insight and approach to a structured selection process and knowledge of the Navision market.

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