“Quorum’s consultants were skilled at adapting to our company. It has been a productive and insightful process, and I want to praise Quorum for quickly adapting and adjusting the process as we had to switch direction in the middle of the project.”

Jan Nørregaard Olsen, CEO, Munck Asfalt A/S

Sales development of new segment


Munck Asfalt had identified an untapped sales potential in one of their units, mainly in the segment of small companies and associations. This is a lucrative market, but Munck Asfalt had not traditionally been involved in it.


Quorum decided on three focus areas, which consisted of segmenting the market based on accessibility and profitability, of working with the sales organisation’s readiness in relation to penetrating the selected segments and finally of introducing principles for sales management.


Munck Asfalt has been successful in identifying a number of smaller lucrative projects that together contribute to optimising the utilisation of the production capacity when they are completed. At the same time, middle management sales staff have become more focused on their own role in connection with sales and capacity utilisation.

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