"Quorum gave our project the support it needed to move forward. Their analysis of the project offered new insights and recommendations, as well as creating confidence by the management"

Nicolai Ørum Østergaard, Project Portfolio Manager, SEGES

Review of IT projects

The story behind

SEGES had initiated an IT project to replace an older in-house developed platform. Various preliminary analyzes had been carried out and the project was about to start with the first sprint using SEGES agile development model. The management wanted a review of the project charter to ensure a valid starting point, a tool for monitoring the project’s deliverables and ensuring the connection between needs and deliverables.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

Quorum’s starting point was a review framework based on a classic IT project model that was adapted to SEGES agile model. Through interviews with the managers in the involved departments and review of existing documentation, status quo was assessed against the review framework and opportunities, risks and outstanding issues were identified. The focus was primarily on identifying and securing a clear thread from needs to deliverables and benefits for the organization.

Quorum Consulting furthermore helped with the initial clarification of needs of phase 2 for the project.

The result

In a few weeks the management gained insight into the project’s foundation and status and was able to ascertain where the project was on-track, where they were well on their way, where the quality could be improved, as well as identifying ‘blind spots’ where SEGES had not previously focused.

For phase 2 of the project, the project framework and the foundation for a detailed clarification of needs were provided.

Based on Quorum’s work, management could optimize the project’s priorities and initiate risk mitigation measures.


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