”We have been given a valuable tool that can help us through the organizationally complex pilot tests. The concept helps, among other things, creating an overview and clarity of the but also to distribute the responsibilities in the collaboration between stakeholders in state, regions and municipalities. Quorum are bright, accommodating, positive, listening and knowledgeable. There is always a guarantee of broad user involvement, a thorough approach and sharp analysis when collaborating with Quorum.”

Sanne Jensen, Teamleader, Sundhedsdatastyrelsen

PROM test concept

The story behind

The initial experiences with testing national schedules for retrieving information about patient-reported outcome measures (PROM) has shown a need to strengthen the focus on planning and conducting effective tests. This is, among other things, to ensure that knowledge and data is provided to evaluate whether the relevant PROM-tools function as intended in the various disease areas.

The preliminary experiences have uncovered a need to support the practical implementation of pilot tests, as the introduction of PROM into the daily operations in a health care clinic affects both IT, the collaborative relationship between clinician and patient, culture, etc.

Quorum was asked to develop a concept which could sustain a uniform way of implementing PROM tests that could support both governance across stakeholders as well as the individual project managers with specific tools and processes.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

For several years, Quorum has built up solid experience with PROMs. This knowledge was combined with our general experience with effective testing and implementation.

Based on the learnings and insights from earlier tests, user needs from past and future test sites were identified and key stakeholders from both Sundhedsdatastyrelsen’s PROM Office, regions, hospitals and municipalities were involved.

Based on this as well as on Quorum’s experience with implementation in general, the main challenges, problem areas and needs for specific support tools were clarified. Quorum developed a concept for test implementation of PROM, ranging from transverse processes and governance to concrete ready-to-use support tools.

The specific support tools address:

  • Objectives and success criteria
  • Management anchoring
  • Motivation of the healthcare professionals
  • A new approach to patient interaction
  • Patient journey, processes and workflows
  • Project plan
  • Evaluation

The result

The concept has enabled the subsequent PROM tests to establish a much stronger and more coherent setup through clearer governance, better management anchoring, clearer alignment of expectations regarding changes in the clinic as well as strengthened project management and evaluation.

The tests now have a strengthened foundation for focusing on defining purposes, how they should be planned and operated, and how they ensure maximum benefit in the form of a better data foundation regarding whether the specific PROM function as indented and under which conditions.

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