Project and portfolio management


Since 2017, the Hospital in the Capital Region has worked to develop a number of supplementary treatment initiatives to ensure an even better disease treatment with a holistic focus on the patient’s needs.

Parallel to the development of new treatment initiatives, the Hospital has been through an organizational development with new ways of collaboration between the hospitals in the Capital Region as well as a new management team across the Hospital’s units.

These various changes resulted in a need to further define and anchor the original strategy for developing the supplementary disease treatments in the new management team.


Quorum helped the Hospital’s program management move from individually managing 22 development projects to implementing a efficient and coherent portfolio management, program management as well as establishing an actual PMO.

I close collaboration, Quorum helped the program management to develop solutions in sessions that focused on development of competencies, analysis of needs in relation to solution design and actual solution design.

Quorum also co-facilitated management workshops which helped the management to establish a thorough understanding of the need for clear governance and frameworks as well as prioritization and management of the project portfolio. Finally, Quorum was asked to design and facilitate a strategy workshop for the management team that could kick-start a new and value-focusing approach to the strategy development process.


With the portfolio structure, the Hospital has established clear project roles across the organization and its management levels. governance mechanisms and KPI’s have been established to provide an overview of how the projects contribute to the strategy and/or draws on key resources.

Furthermore, the management team has gained an understanding of what the 22 projects actually requires of the organization and hence a solid foundation for prioritizing resources. As a result, a portfolio management manager position has been established and the number of project managers has doubled.