"Quorum Consulting has conducted a thorough and professional selection process, on time and at agreed price, where we in the management have been completely confident in the process and able to make a clear decision about the scope, processes and implementation partner of the project"

Uffe Winther, CFO, Kopenhagen Fur

Preparation for business system project

In 2016, Kopenhagen Fur had a profitable lean year, been through a management renewal and in 2017 established a new business strategy towards 2020. Kopenhagen Furs’ existing system landscape is characterized by many individual solutions in Access databases and an AX solution that covers only a few areas.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

Kopenhagen Fur had decided that Microsoft Dynamics 365 should be the future platform. Quorum helped to complete the project by preparing Kopenhagen Fur for new ways of working, by running the selection process, in parallel with the management being prepared for business changes ahead.

With a structured and thorough approach to selecting the optimal ERP partner, Kopenhagen Fur was managed through the RFI & RFP process, closing with the choice of Scales A/S as implementation and support partner.

During the process, Quorum outlined the overall business design, supported business case and prepared management to run the implementation project of the ERP system.

The result

As a result of the process Kopenhagen Fur was able to present a thorough presentation of the project to the board, which approved the next step.

In negotiations with the implementation partner, Kopenhagen Fur achieved a discount of 2.5 MDKK from the original offer, as well as significantly improved contractual framework for managing and controlling the project’s economy. Benefits achieved because of the insight and project approach, Quorum brought to the table.

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