“We have been pleased with the collaboration with Quorum. The project has improved the digital information that HOFORs customers can access about our digging work.”

John Pind, Design & Documentation Manager

Overview of interruptions to services


There was a need to provide customers with better and easier access to information on HOFOR’s website about service outages, scheduled interruptions to services and inconveniences in connection with digging work, etc.

Therefore, it was also necessary to simplify the work processes and the system support in order to make it easier to obtain an overview of service outages and to handle information across departments, while ensuring the customer service department was in the best position to notify customers in a correct and timely manner.


Quorum managed the project in collaboration with the business, the GIS team, the business architect and IT, as well as an external partner who worked on development, system integration, implementation, change management and commissioning in the individual supply areas and communication and customer service departments.

The result

The new service outage map at hofor.dk was made more user friendly and easier to update, and now it can also be accessed from mobile devices.

New work processes were defined and implemented. System support was simplified by phasing out old systems and it was also improved by adding new solutions to manage scheduled service outages for water, district heating and natural gas. Finally, a new planning module was added for planning digging work on construction projects.

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