“Teton.ai is a company working with computer vision that is in the process of bringing the latest deep learning technologies to Danish and international hospital wards. As a tech company that needs to navigate in a highly complex ecosystem such as the Danish healthcare system, it can be hard to maintain a proper overview. To address this, Quorum Consulting has contributed with valuable insights about how the company can penetrate the healthcare sector market, and these insights will help Teton.ai achieve a successful development and commercialization process.”

Mikkel Wad Thorsen, CEO

Preparing a MedTech company to enter the market


Teton.ai has developed a new technological solution called Nightingale for AI-driven contactless patient monitoring. The solution is currently being tested and validated at Nykøbing Falster Hospital and the initial response has been positive.

Teton.ai is working hard at initiating partnerships with other hospitals on the further development of Nightingale and preparing for commercialization. At first, this will be via partnerships with neurological and psychiatric departments at various Danish hospitals.

In connection with this, Teton.ai wanted to clarify what barriers there might be for their coming market debut and how they could prepare to address such barriers and, with this, how to strengthen their value proposition to their customers.


In order to identify the potential barriers to entering the market, Quorum performed desk research and held a number of interviews with relevant stakeholders in the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand.

On this basis, Quorum identified a number of issues that might be potential barriers to commercialization, for example, documentation requirements for IT, purchasing new innovative technologies, medical evidence, behavior and workflows plus management factors.

Quorum also interviewed Teton.ai’s CEO and status meetings were held on a regular basis. The results of the mapping were reported on regularly in order to discuss relevance in terms of integrating various issues into further development work and specifying the company’s value proposition for Nightingale.

The result

Based on interviews with stakeholders in the region and with Teton.ai’s CEO, Quorom prepared a report that identified the relevant barriers for market entry and described the methodology used and summarized the data that had been collected. On the basis of the report, Quorum presented potential solutions for the next steps of Teton.ai’s development and commercialization process.

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