“We are extremely satisfied with the material that Quorum has delivered and we now have a solid foundation for the continuation of our case”

Ben Korsmann, CEO

Penetration into the electronic waste market


DK Jern og Metalhandel purchases and resales scrap iron, metal, and cables. Due to an increase in electronics consumption, the company wanted to investigate the opportunity of expanding their business to include electronic waste.

In relation to this, DK Jern og Metalhandel requested the help of Quorum to investigate the potential of this market, in terms of both buying and selling, which electronic waste should be focused upon, and determine whether it could represent an attractive prospect/business case.


Based on interviews with the company, Quorum identified the most important aspects of the market which needed to be analyzed in order to determine its attractiveness. Quorum conducted a thorough market analysis to examine the various parameters associated with electronic waste. The analysis uncovered elements such as the size of the market, its resource streams, overview of different electronic waste components, the processing process (including the most important legal limitation), sales channels and competition in the market.


DK Jern og Metalhandel has a solid basis to help them decide whether they wish to enter this market. Furthermore, an overview of electronic components was delivered with high resale value and the potential buyers for these.

Based on the outcomes of the analysis, Quorum also acted as a sparring partner for the company on what would be the most strategic way of entering the market, including the technological opportunities associated with the handling and sale of electronic waste.


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