"Quorum challenged us and formulated an action-oriented and operational IT-strategy in a short space of time"

Søren Heegaard, CFO at BIOFOS A/S

IT-strategy implementation at Biofos A/S

The story behind

The management in BIOFOS was experiencing an increasing demand from their managers and employees for more IT resources. At the same time, the industry is exposed to a constant pressure to keep an environmental sustainability at a lower cost. These pressures on the Executive Board together with a new asset management focus led to the wish of BIOFOS to create an overall plan for the IT-applications and usage in the company.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

Quorum Consulting organized a process, which in only 3 months resulted in a new IT strategy. The strategy itself was decided and committed along the way. This made it possible to make plans for the implementation during the process. The employees were involved, both through interviews and through joint workshops, where external resources also were involved, which gave inspiration to new systems and methods.

The results

The Executive Board gained a new view of the IT area and the way forward. A particular gain from the result is the fact that the plan for the first year includes as many business operations as actual IT efforts. In addition, the Executive Board agreed on a process for initiating and prioritizing major IT efforts. The new IT-strategy is focused on utilizing the data gathered from the production activities, in other to enhance efficiency and quality in water purification.

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