”Quorum was a pair of safe hands who, through their experience and pragmatic approach, gave us security, clarity and progress in the project”

Pernille Møller Tronborg, Head of Department, Skatteankestyrelsen

Foundation for better knowledge sharing

The story behind

Skatteankestyrelsen (SANST) had experienced significant growth in number of employees, wherefore, SANST had initiated a project to ensure better knowledge sharing in the organization. The purpose was to achieve a more efficient scaling of the organization and to ensure a better and more efficient case handling.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

After the idea phase, Quorum assisted the internal project management in the further specification of design and concept development. Quorum was given a complete description of needs, so there was a basis for selecting a partner who could build a prototype of the Knowledge Platform.

After an effective selection process, a partner, with good design and usability qualifications, was selected, and the prototype was designed, built and presented to management and other stakeholders. A prioritization of features and user stories was facilitated so that there was a clear roadmap for platform development.

The result

Based on Quorum’s work, SANST was presented with a solid foundation for further development of the Knowledge Platform as well as future go-lives, with a solution that supports knowledge sharing within the organization.

After its launch, feedback from users show that the Knowledge Platform is very useful, and measurements show that the employees in the two selected pilot areas Land Value (Grundværdi) and Business Taxation to a great extent apply the solution to ease the case handling.

The management could, based on Quorum’s work, continue to work on formalizing and engaging in knowledge sharing even more across all departments.