“We never would have believed how much we could learn from the data we had available to us. Quorum has been worth every penny, and it has provided us with great insights that we can continue working with.”

Data-driven management – the first steps


For a long time now, this organization has collected data on their case production, but it has only used the information contained in this data to a limited extent. With a focus on continually optimizing the IT services for the benefit of the many IT users, the organization wanted to embark on a journey towards a more data-driven approach to problem solving. It is expected that such an approach will make a positive contribution to the goal of delivering good and effective IT services.


As the goal was to get an assessment of the opportunities for becoming data driven, it was decided to go with an explorative approach.

An analysis was completed based on currently available data and easily accessible data extracts. The analysis formed the basis for an initial assessment of data quality, while also allowing for a new grouping of data and new managerial insight. Subsequent interviews with line managers were used to validate the results of the analysis and provided additional data and insights.

The project was completed with a review of the key findings from the data analysis and interviews.

The result

The project deliveries provided the organization the insight it needed to confirm that it is possible to work with data-driven management and it was decided to continue with this journey. In addition, the next obvious steps became clearer – steps that would provide value both in terms of maturing the data basis and maturing the management-level initiatives.

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