“Quorum has delivered consultancy reports that will not just be gathering dust on a shelf somewhere. The reports contained lots of insightful observations and recommendations plus some concrete tools that we can use to move forward with the with the major changes happening in our company.”

Anne Thomas, CEO Center for Regional- og Turismeforskning

Anchoring of SAM-K/LINE – an advanced data- and modelling tool


The data and forecasting tool SAM-K/LINE has been developed and operated by CRT for several years. With new submodels for the analysis of welfare and environmental areas and with a projected growing demand for data and analysis, it must be decided whether CRT should continue to provide, develop, and operate all or parts of the tool and what this would then mean in terms of changes to how CRT works internally with the modelling tool.


The project was completed in two phases.

Phase one was focused on preparing a basis for deciding upon the tool’s organizational placement and CRT’s operational model. An analytical approach was used wherein data and interviews with CRT, core stakeholders, and other similar Danish modelling organization were included as relevant inputs.

Phase two was focused on CRT’s capabilities in terms of sales, operations, and developing an advanced data and analysis tool. Factors such as the sales work, processes surrounding the modelling work, surveys of relevant employee competences, interviews, and workshops were used.


The decision on whether CRT should continue to provide, develop, and operate SAM-K/LINE has been made, and CRT has launched several initiatives that will strengthen the organization to manage the task of being a supplier of a lasting, credible, and relevant data and analysis tool.

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