“The collaboration between Quorum and KMD on the preparation of our analyses is extremely satisfactory. We have a lot of interaction throughout the process of preparing an analysis, and it is my experience that together with Quorum we work as a team characterized by high professionalism, dedication and good spirits”

Christoffer Hellmann, Vice President in KMD, Communications

Analyses about digitalization in Denmark


KMD create analyses on digital opportunities in the Danish private and public sector on a continuous basis. The analyses are created in KMD’s communications department, who on a continuous basis collaborate with Quroum to define the scope of the analyses and create the analyses themselves.

By the end of 2020, Quorum have assisted KMD in the creation of the following analyses:

    • Population Health Management
      An analysis of which data the Danish population and health care professionals are willing to share and with whom, and further which potential and barriers that applies to the application of this data.
    • New technology in the municipalities
      An analysis of the Danish municipalities’ knowledge about a variety of new technologies, their potential, their expected speed of implementation as well as factors, that either drives or hinders the possibility of the municipalities testing the new technology.
    • Smart technology in the Danish homes
      An analysis about the population’s knowledge about, and the prevalence of, smart technology in the Danish homes, as well as which factors are crucial for the population’s choice of technology for their home.
    • Facial recognition
      An analysis of the Danish population’s knowledge about and opinion on what facial recognition can and should be used for, as well as how the population views the future adoption of facial recognition in Denmark.

The analyses are based on surveys to the population and/or specific groups who are relevant for the specific topic of the analysis.


Quorum works closely with KMD on the scope of the analyses.

The surveys for each analysis are designed through a structured process with a basis in input and insights from KMD’s practice areas and Quorum’s experience. Often, inputs from external experts are also utilized.

The data collection is performed by a third party, with support from Quroum, to ensure correct data processing.

Quorum performs the statistical data processing and analysis. The results, in editorial collaboration with KMD, are communicated in a report.

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