”Quorum has a unique understanding of the context from which the project originates. The preliminary analysis was conducted and delivered professionally, with an impressive overview and involvement of the relevant stakeholders. The cooperation with Quorum on the development of the pilot project resulted in, among other things, that the key clinical actors quickly took ownership of the project – which has been crucial for the pilot project's subsequent success”

Liv Dørflinger, Program Manager, SDCC

24/7 telephone support

The story behind

SDCC is responsible for developing and improving diabetes care in the Capital Region. One of the initiatives supporting this is the establishment of a diabetes specialized 24/7 telephone support for people with diabetes and healthcare professionals.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

Quorum provided a preliminary analysis with broad user involvement and supported mobilization and the development process until go-live.

The analysis included mapping of user journeys for both patients and healthcare professionals in both primary and secondary sector, analyses of call data from the current support telephones as well as investigation of both organisational and legal options and issues.

Based on the preliminary analysis, a number of solution scenarios were established, which were qualified by users before decision upon final design. The solution scenarios included, among other things, process descriptions, load and resource estimates, technology assessments, and risk analyses. The mobilization process included further specification and choice of technical solutions (telephone system, Sundhedsplatformen, etc.), development of competencies and communication.

The result

SDCC established a new and unique telephone support set-up. Quorums preliminary analysis and the process around it helped to ensure focus on user needs, facilitated important professional discussions and involvement across key stakeholders, creating a solid foundation for a successful pilot test.

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