Niels Axelsson

Management Consultant
+45 21 22 22 44

Niels have worked with business–oriented IT for over 20 years.

In recent years, the focus have been on agile methods and ways of working, successfully implementing Agile and SAFe across the Nordic countries. Niels is a Certified SAFe Program Consultant. With his broad background and more than 10+ years as Senior Management Consultant Niels has proven the ability to quickly step into new contexts and to rectify or seize control of projects or specific areas that do not work optimally. Using a combination of technical insight with business understanding, he help bridging the gap between business and IT.

His principles are clients interest first and objectives front and center at all times.

Jesper Calmar

Management Consultant
+45 61 20 23 88

Jesper has for more than 10 years delivered process design and process optimization and bridged customer value, company strategy and operational processes. The offset has been IT focused projects, solely business focused projects and combinations of both.

Jesper manage with an analytical and pragmatic approach to identify the root causes of business challenges, resulting in scenarios for business improvements. He is impatient and driven by the challenging of status quo.

He has experience from the shipping and production industry as well as the financial sector. His work is built on the theory for a procurement and logistical education and a Lean/six sigma Black Belt training.

Verner Ejstrup Mikkelsen

Management Consultant
+45 40 90 46 95

Verner is an experienced management consultant who over the last 20 years has helped organisations to execute complex initiatives covering both business and IT within government, transport, finance, IT and postal services. He has worked with all aspects of the change process from the development of feasibility studies, business cases, process analysis and business requirements, over portfolio and programme design and execution to the realisation of benefits.

Verner has extensive experience with engaging stakeholders and shaping the change and communication processes to realise outcomes and is used to work in large, complex and international organisations and projects.

Verner combines a focus on results with a structured and analytical approach to develop options for going forward and ensure that change initiatives a based on a sound and sustainable foundation.

Hamad Raza Quorum Consulting

Hamad Raza

Management Consultant
+45 25 97 60 56

Hamad is an experienced strategic business developer and programme manager with 15 years+ experience in development and implementation of strategies in primarily R&D, SCM and IT.

He has led large ERP transformation projects with implementation in more than 20 countries worldwide covering Production, Supply chain, Finance and Sales & distribution. This has given him a unique possibility to understand and develop coherent solutions across functions in a company.
He has in-depth knowledge of core processes within ERP, based on his hands-on experience with Global Oracle rollout to more than 2000 users.

Hamad's competencies cover strategy formulation and execution and process optimization within sales processes, supply chain management, and production. Through his leadership style he has created excellent results as programme manager leading large and complex projects within both business and IT in many sectors, covering FMCG, Medical device, Financial services and Telecom.

Hamad is certified coach, and holds a degree within Industrial engineering with specialization in SCM, and an Executive MBA with specialization in Innovation and culture, from Henley University, UK.

Daniel Christensen

Management Consultant
+45 22 74 24 85

Daniel has many years of experience managing cross-functional teams and implementing projects across companies' value chains. He has solid knowledge and understanding of what it takes to achieve operational excellence, reduce operating costs, drive and maintain change and how to incorporate strategy into daily operations.

He is committed and is able to efficiently mobilize both management and employees across organizations to deliver project goals.

Daniel has experience in production, service, logistics and transport, and maritime industries.

His competencies cover project management and execution with a focus on process optimization, change management, digitization and implementation of company strategy.

Daniel holds a cand.merc. in logistics and value chain management and is a certified LEAN manager.

Klaus E. Olsen

Management Consultant
+45 28 89 28 38

Klaus has more than 30 years of business experience within strategy development and implementation. His business background is divided between 15 years as management consultant and 15 years as CXO of which several years were abroad in the UK, Germany, Russia and South America. He has special insight into the FMCG, food and beverages, logistics & supply chain sectors, but due to his many years as management consultant he has been active within a huge variety of business sectors – private enterprise as well as public enterprise.

As a trusted advisor, Klaus has facilitated management teams in development and implementation of strategies, he has been program- and project leader for large projects comprising 15-20 project staff and consultants and he has led large change and transformation programs within business as well as IT-driven change.

Klaus has years of experience with executive leadership and has worked actively with both individual and personal development as well as leadership team development, and he has filled the role as trusted advisor for leaders at CXO level. For the last few years, Klaus has filled the role as a Board member for a handful of SME’s and start-ups

Dorte-Lene Bacher

Management Consultant
+45 26 84 51 34

Dorte-Lene has 20+ years of experience working in the field of utilizing data for business development and transformation. She has experience within data analysis, data mining, specifying and implementing IT/AI/ML solutions and applying data driven decision making processes at both strategic and operational level.

With a creative and both holistic and detailed approach, Dorte-Lene has played a key role in planning, executing and implementing business projects primarily within the public sector. She has extensive experience with preparation of proposals for political decision-making.

Dorte-Lene's competencies cover business transformation, change management, portfolio and project management especially with a focus on utilizing all kinds of data in the processes. She specializes within Strategic Planning, Asset Management and Transport.

Dorte-Lene has strong analytical skills and have a keen eye for the essence of complex issues, which she is able to communicate clearly to all levels of stakeholders. She has worked as trusted advisor for leaders at CXO level, and is often used for public presentations.

Dorte-Lene holds a degree in mathematical-economics.

Catrine Lohmann Larsen

Management Consultant
+45 29 90 81 63

Catrine is an experienced management consultant with more than 10 years of experience in creating high performance through organizational and human change. She’s got extensive experience facilitating collaboration between highly specialized professionals. She is a strong facilitator, who successfully engage stakeholders at all levels in the organization, transforming abstract visions to concrete behavioral change. With a curious and involving attitude, she challenges the current perceptions and work routines, to create effective and engaging solutions.

Her focus is to analyze business needs, connect needs to behavioral change and manage stakeholders to create progress and realize outcomes in projects. Furthermore she has supported managers in implementing strategies, training managers and developing high performing teams. Her experience is from private and public sector with a special focus on the field of education and research.

Catrine holds a degree in Public Health and in Human Resource Management. She is certified in personal profile systems from Belbin’s Team Roles and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Thomas Bjarnesen

Thomas Bjarnesen

Management Consultant
+45 51937876

Thomas has worked with a broad range of projects analyzing, planning, and executing change processes in public and private organizations. As an advisor and manager of projects Thomas ensures alignment between executive and operational levels, in order to ensure short- and long-term benefit realization.

Thomas’ focus is on planning and facilitating changes processes, strategic partnerships, and complex projects in e.g. knowledge sharing processes, business intelligence, PPP, and process optimizations.

With a holistic and pragmatic approach to development and problem solving as a consultant, Thomas places great emphasis on not only creating value as an advisor and facilitator, but as well to empower and equip decision makers to identify and realize opportunities for value creation in their organization.

Thomas holds a degree in Management of Innovation and Business development, and a Master’s in International Management.