Katrine Gorrissen

Associate Partner
+45 28 49 19 29

Katrine Gorrissen leads business transformation by digitalizing processes and optimising the usage of current systems.

She has more than 14 years experience in helping customers improve their businesses by focusing on customers/user journeys and enhancing organizational processes. She works within the field of assessing business and organizational goals, and transforming them into system requirements. She has led several selection and implementation processes as project lead in changing core systems for clients, and she is experienced in leading the process of organizational adaption of new systems and processes.

Katrine Gorrissen has a background in digital marketing and communication, and has a pragmatic and solution oriented approach to implementing solutions, focusing on user needs and capabilities when designing the solution and implementation process.
She is certified PPA Practitioner; DISC Person Analysis.

Ilona Josefina Andersen

Associate Partner
+45 40 99 46 43

Ilona has 17 years of experience with improving project and portfolio performance in the public and private sector. I have professionalized project environments and portfolio management, managed large change projects and delivered transformation of organizations both in the role of manager, project manager and management consultant.

Her insight from working across industries such as pharma, airline, construction and public sector, and her experience with handling the challenges of leadership role have made her a valued trusted advisor and mentor.

Having used, lead as well as facilitated transformations she has obtained an ambitious yet pragmatic approach to transformation work. She is known to her clients and colleagues to be a strong leader with high integrity as well as a dedicated team player who always successfully engage both team members and stakeholders in the process.

Ilonas background as on-site project manager of large scale turnkey construction projects has proved an asset to clients in the traditional production industries and in other cases where transformation projects have had impact on the production staff.