”Quorum has, with great knowledge and insight into the challenges regarding development - and transformation processes in the healthcare industry - helped Danske Regioner reach consensus on patient-near performance targets for Value Based Healthcare. Quorum has done so through challenging and constructive consulting while also having a great ability to effectively facilitate and lead cross-functional coordination groups with an eye for the clinical professional culture.”

Naja Warren Iversen, Head of Center for Styring, Økonomi og Sammenhæng, Danske Regioner

Value Based Healthcare at Danske Regioner

The story behind

The project on Value Based Healthcare is configured by Danske Regioner’s board of directors and is part of the strategy and workflows for 2017. It is embedded in the Financial Agreement 2016.

The overarching purpose of Value Based Healthcare is to establish operational frames, such that hospitals can focus on creating quality and coherence for patients – and not just be assessed on the multitude of treatments they provide.

Value Based Healthcare is the desire to create an efficient healthcare system where resources are utilized where they add the most value for patients.

In seven sub-projects within seven health care areas, the project will demonstrate how, in practice, the healthcare system can implement new controls with ‘value for the patient’ as an essential supplement to follow-up on productivity and activity.

Fundamental decisions in the first phase

The first essential activity in each sub-project was to identify and decide upon the patient-near performance targets and quality indicators that would be meaningful to focus on.

It was also crucial to create a solid, professional approval for these performance targets in the healthcare system.

For this purpose, each sub-project established a cross-functional coordination group consisting of clinical representatives from each region, representatives from the medical councils, clinical databases, patients’ associations, patients, municipalities, and the practice sector.

In only two workshops, the coordination groups agreed on performance targets, indicators, and data sources for elucidation within their respective health care area.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

In collaboration with Danske Regioner, Quorum determined targets for generic content in the project’s first phase (Phase 1A). Quorum also prepared a general explanatory model for Value Based Healthcare, which created scope and direction for the coordination groups’ work.

Hereafter, Quorum designed an accelerated a hypothesis-based workshop process to ensure effective co-creation and embeddedness of the results in the coordination groups.

Quorum additionally functioned as a sparring partner and support for the regional sub-project managers in the planning and preparation of their specific workshops.

Quorum facilitated and documented all workshops for each of the seven coordination groups and wrote the concluding report that revealed the results.

The results

Quorum ensured that the coordination groups, in a short and accelerated timeframe, succeeded in establishing and creating consensus on relevant performance targets, indicators, and data sources to be used in the future course of the Value Based Healthcare project.

The results of the workshops were defining for the project’s future course, with practical testing of both data and follow up models, as well as establishment of a concrete design of a Value Based Healthcare paradigm for systematic follow-up on patient-near performance targets.

Given the coordination groups’ cross-regional and cross-functional composition, consensus on the results and clinical embeddedness of the decisionswas created in all five regions.

Key deliverables

Sparring and consulting with Danske Regioner about content and process for the project’s important phase 1A and focus areas regarding the project’s future progress and focus.

Establishment of a general frame of understanding for Value Based Healthcare.

For each of the seven health care areas:

  • Support and sparring with the sub-project manager
  • Facilitation of workshops with subsequent output embedded in the professional healthcare environments across all five regions:
    • List of relevant performance targets focusing on value for patients
    • List of indicators for elucidation of performance targets
    • List of relevant data sources (including PRO-tools) for elucidation of performance targets and indicators

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