”Quorum has with large engagement and assistance secured progress of the project”

Stig Dambmann Senior Vice President Group HR

Structure and trust in new payroll implementation

The story behind

As a subset of an ERP replacement, Scandlines chose also to change their payroll system in order to achieve the synergies of working on one IT platform, and in addition to swap the external payroll service provider.
The challenge for Scandlines was to secure the momentum of the payroll implementation without jeopardizing the ERP project due to resource constringes. Further the success of the project was to swap payroll systems without any distortion for the employees.


Quorum engaged on with two approaches:

We built the process overview of the HR-department to achieve a structure in which the detailed processes were related. The processes were prepared in close cooperation with the payroll departments in order to create buy-in and process knowledge in the departments.

Quorum drew the creation of the processes. We conducted the reconciliation between the various payroll departments, prepared and completed training, data cleaning, designed access rights, quality assured and was in charge of the general progress of the implementation.


As a result, Scandlines’ went live with their payroll system with only minimal inconvenience to the employees.
Furthermore, the payroll-employees achieved a trust in the payroll system and created the foundation for the subsequent process improvements.