"The mobilization process developed our leadership team whilst creating the foundation for successful implementation"

Francois Bernard General manager, Mundipharma CEE & EM

Leading Transformation at Mundipharma

The story behind

Mundipharma has set out a strategic direction for the next five years with the key focus of becoming a Partnership Selling Organization, with focus on cost-effective growth, partnerships and people development.

Mundipharma has on that note established a new entity Central and Eastern Europe & Emerging Markets (CEE&EM) and organized this entity in a matrix structure, merging and embedding the previous country-  and regional structures.

The general manager of Mundipharma CEE&EM asked Quorum to support this transformation and implementation of the new matrix organization in CEE&EM.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

First step has been to set a clear direction for the transformation journey together with the General Manager. This laid the foundation for – together with the Regional Leadership Team – building the regional implementation plan for the transformation journey.

A structured mobilization process for the Regional Leadership Team was developed with the aim of creating alignment and ownership for the transformation, the direction, organization, ways of working and implementation.

The result

The mobilization process has overall increased alignment among the Regional Leadership Team for the transformation journey and enhanced the shared ability to lead and implement the transformation.

From the Leadership Team’s own evaluation:

  • The clarity on the transformation journey increased by 27%
  • The shared understanding of business impact and level of change increased by 41%
  • The shared ability to lead and implement the transformation increased 26%

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