“With Quorum’s support we have now developed the foundation upon which we can begin to manage, protect and leverage our critical data as a corporate asset.”

Camilla Holmblad, Senior Director Novozymes

Getting Data Excellence off the ground

The story behind – Improving data quality and reducing data conflicts

Novozymes recognised the need for global Data Governance to improve data quality and reduce data conflicts across functions. Following an initial snap shot review conducted by Quorum Consulting, Novozymes decided to start a global MDM project to build the foundations of sustainable data quality efficiency.

How we supported – Developing the foundation of Excellent Data Mangement

Quorum helped Novozymes in setting up the MDM project, carrying out a deep-dive as-is analysis, designing scalable Data Governance, developing a Novozymes Data Management methodology underpinned by the end-to-end governance implementation of the Vendor data object as a pilot.

The result – Critical data now a corporate asset

Novozymes had established a central Data Excellence Organisation supported by virtual, line-of-business data owner, champions and stewards for their first object, vendor, with another three objects being implemented subsequently

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