“Quorum has made a solid foundation for the overall change journey across our strategic project portfolio and for the current implementation of our business system"

Tina Svanberg EVP HR & Corporate Affairs, Kopenhagen Fur

Change Management at Kopenhagen Fur

The Story Behind

Kopenhagen Fur was in the middle of a transformation with implementation of a new strategy and several parallel change initiatives, including an ERP implementation.

The desire was to create a common overview and an understanding of the overall change journey, as well as build and strengthen the change competences in their own organization.

How Quorum supported the project and the process

The first step was to create an overall overview of the 50+ change initiatives in process in the organization.  In order to create the best starting point for the upcoming leadership task, we focused the change to be based on the perceived change for the organization, both for the individual change initiative and across the portfolio.

Then we created the framework to allow the overall leadership team to obtain a common grounding in the change journey. This included an understanding of timing, how the change should be led and what is required for a successful implementation.

For the ERP implementation, we developed implementation strategy and -plan, communication strategy and -plan, training strategy and led the implementation.

Finally, we strengthened the implementation efforts and the changed competencies by building and implementing a change management training for project managers as part of the transfer of skills to Kopenhagen Fur.

The result

Quorum ensured that the necessary internal competencies were built so that Kopenhagen Fur itself could lead the implementation of the changes, both within the projects and at management level.

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