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  • ERP checkpoint and IT business benefit realisation

    360-degree upgrade checkpoint

    By definition, upgrading your organisation’s ERP system affects your whole organisation. Are you ready to maximise the business benefits and realise the potential? Based on our long-term experience we have developed a 360-degree upgrade checkpoint that guides you through the critical keys to drive a successful and business driven ERP-upgrade.
  • how to grow your business digitalisation

    Break the code to digitalisation

    How digital is your business? To achieve stronger business growth you need to quit your digital surrogates and adapt a new perspective on digitalisation. We can help you to more effectively envision and act on digital opportunities to drive new outcomes, increase customer value and generate additional revenue.
  • Digitisation: How to realise your strategic intent and objectives

    Anders Ekman
    A must-read: In this white paper, our own digitisation pioneer, Anders Ekman, combines classic strategic thinking with a hands-on digitisation framework – a must read for business leaders and developers who want to unlock the business value of digitisation and accelerate the digital transformation journey.
  • New study: Why ERP upgrades fail to deliver the expected business value

    Lars Westerholt Jørgensen
    Download your free copy and learn how Danish companies representing 13 leading industries and more than 45,000 ERP users link five key factors to the business outcome of their latest ERP upgrade.
  • Amagerværket

    Carve Out & Integration of Amagerværket

    HOFORs takeover and acquisition of Amagerværket from Vattenfall should be completed under very strict requirements to time-plan and deadlines. Therefore, excellence in project management was in high demand to ensure the planning and progress was successfully executed.
  • ERP implementation and transformation

    Replacing an ERP system - Tender material and procedure

    Biblioteksmedier A/S
    A tender process is a time consuming and complex task. Learn how Quorum Consulting's methods and apporach helped the client to select the right ERP system and implementation partner.

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